Day 1.

Arrival at the Elizovo Airport. Hotel transfer.  Rest.  Discussing the tour details with the tour guide. Dinner. Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 2.

Breakfast. Departing from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy towards Kozyrevsk (550km, 10 hours). Lunch in Milkovo settlement. Arriving in Kozyrevsk. Dinner. Overnight at the private tourist hostel.


Day 3.

Breakfast. Departing from Kozyrevsk towards Tolbachik valley (80km, 4 hours). Visiting the “Dead Forest”. Arriving at “Claw” hill. Dinner. Establishing a base camp. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 4.

Breakfast. Ascending the “Flat Tolbachik” (3085m). Viewing of the crater (1.7km wide, 500m deep). During the ascent, we will be crossing the path of the last lava flow, and walking past the cone responsible for the latest eruption (2012-2013). Return to the base camp. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 5.

Breakfast. Starting on our walking trek around the Tolbachik volcano. Lunch. Crossing the “Tolud” pass. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 6.

Breakfast. Continuing on the “Around Tolbachik” route. Lunch. Crossing the Tolbachinskiy pass, between “Ovalnaya Zimina” and Tolbachik volcanoes. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 7.

Breakfast. Crossing towards Bezymyannyi volcano base. Lunch. Viewing the natural monument – “Polennitsa”, resembling neatly stacked rows of pentagon shape stone blocks. Exploring the surroundings. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 8.

Breakfast. Exploring the area of the 1956 eruption of Bezymyannyi volcano. Lunch. Exploring the surroundings, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.


Day 9.

This day is an extra day, saved for the event of unfavorable weather conditions in any of the previous days. If the weather has been favorable, this day will be dedicated to exploring of other natural monuments in the area of Bezymyannyi or Tolbachik volcanoes.


Day 10.

Breakfast. Walking towards the “Studenaya” river canyon. Lunch. The special thing about the canyon is that it is dry in the morning, and only fills up with water from the melting glaciers in the afternoon. Dinner. Overnight stay in tents near the “Studenaya” river.


Day 11.

Breakfast. Exploring the “Studenaya” river canyon. Crossing towards “Hoof” mountain. Lunch. Car/bus transfer to Kozyrevsk. Dinner. Dry sauna. Overnight stay in Kozyrevsk (private tourist hostel).


Day 12.

Breakfast. Transfer from Kozyrevsk to Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy (550km, 10 hours). Lunch in Milkovo settlement. Arriving in Petropavlovsk. Checking into the hotel. Dinner.


Day 13.

Spare day for additional tours. Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 14.

Breakfast. Transfer to the fish market and to the airport.



The tour price includes:

  • Visa support;
  • Airport transfers (from/to);
  • Accommodation (twin room, hotel and private tourist hostel);
  • English speaking guide;
  • Transport (as per tour program);
  • Experienced tour guide services;
  • Medical insurance.

 The tour price DOES NOT include:

  • Alcohol (including beer);
  • Any additional tours;

Recommended personal gear:

  • Backpack;
  • Tent;
  • Sleeping bag;
  • Tourist mat;
  • Trekking shoes;
  • Hooded wind/rain jacket;
  • Set of warm clothes (jumper or fleece jacket, pants, socks, hat, gloves);
  • Cap or hat (for sunny days);
  • Sunglasses;
  • Head torch;
  • Telescopic trekking poles;
  • Personal hygiene accessories;
  • Towel;
  • Swimming gear (togs/shorts/swimsuit);
  • Mosquito repellent cream/spray;
  • Sunblock;
  • Sunburn cream/spray;
  • Photo-video equipment.

We do have tourist mats and sleeping bags available for rent if necessary.




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