Flight around Goreliy and Mutnovskiy volcanoes
Ksudach caldera Khodutka hot springs

About the tour
Kamchatka is known all over the world as the "land of volcanoes": there are more than 300 of them here. This route will give you a bird's eye view of the unique beauty of Mutnovskiy volcano crater and acidic lakes of Goreliy volcano.

The excursion around the caldera of the ancient Ksudach volcano includes viewing of the unique Shtubelya lake.

Khodutka hot springs give participants a chance to both see a real thermal river, while enjoying great views of Khodutka and Priyemush volcanoes and rest and relax after and exciting excursion

510 USD
4, 5 - 5 hours
Personal equipment
  • Warm winter clothing;
  • Swimming gear (togs/shorts/swimsuit), towel
  • Photo-video equipment.
1. Transfer from hotel to the helicopter pad/ airport
1. Flight from heliport

A modern airport building that includes a comfortable waiting hall, a cafeteria and a gift shop are at your service. We also organize transfers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and from hotels in Paratunka

3. Flight around Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcanoes.
Goreliy volcano presents a chain of 11 craters, with numerous lakes and fumaroles in and around them. The summit of the volcano is 1829 m above the sea level.

Duration of the flight around the volcanoes — 15 minutes.

3. Trekking excursion in the caldera of Ksudach volcano
Trekking excursion in the caldera of Ksudach volcano

Duration is 20-30 min.
Caldera of Ksudach volcano is the Monument of Nature due to its geological construction. The eruption resulting in the volcano collapse took place in 1907 so that its volcanic ash can still be seen 200 km away from the epicenter of eruption

4. Bathing in hot springs
Landing at the foot of Khodutka volcano. Bathing in the unique hot river, where temperature of water reaches 40 degrees Celsius. The springs have healing properties as they contain large amounts of silicic acid.
Meal included in the excursion: a hot meal, tea, and juice.
Return to the heliport

Flight time - 40 min.
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