Однодневный сплав по реке Быстрой от компании "Ред Риверс"
С рыбалкой и купанием в Малках
Travel period: June – October

Group size: 6 – 20 people

Prices you can see here: PRICE-LIST

Tour Timetable:

09:00 Departing the "Petropavlovsk" hotel towards Bystraya river. (Distance: 120 km).
11:00 Arriving at the raft departure point. Tea/coffee. Rafting preparations. Safety instruction.
11:30 Rafting trip begins. Flat river, no rapids, experienced guide steering the raft. Fishing gear is provided to all participants of the tour.
15:30 End of rafting trip.
16:20 Lunch. Fish-soup prepared from fresh caught fish/"Lunch Boxes".
17:30 Bathing in Malkinskiye hot springs.
18:30 Packing up and departing back towards the city.
20:00 Arriving back at the "Petropavlovsk" hotel.

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Program of the tour:
Main accomodation: hotel Mystery Kamchatka

2 days we spend at Sea cruise, fishing and watching sea animals.

1 day helicopter tour -we fly on BELL 429 to Mutnovsky, (walk in crater and near waterfalls), Gorely volcanoes, land near Khodutka wild hot springs, bathing, have lunch.

Two days we spend at beautiful place- Ganaly, where we travel by jeep and live in a Forest Lodge.
Ganalskiye vostryaki Mount
hiking is great pleasure!
One day we spend on a river, fishing and rafting

One day we enjoy excursion to a village where indigenous people live.

Any of the program items can be changed according to guest's wish