Red Rivers Travel company was founded in 2014 by professionals, who love Kamchatka, its nature, and travel across the peninsula and work in tourism since 1997.
Our team
Andrey Khmelev
Founder, owner, fly fishing guide, experienced traveller and snowboarder, has first sports
skiing category.
Anastasia Dumanovskaya
Director of the company, Japanese department leader, Japanese and English-speaking guide
Professional cook, he used to own a restaurant.
Guide and alpinist, a man-map and a man- backpack. There is no place on Kamchatka, which Viktor has not visited yet.
Andrey is an ornitilogist. Big and strong, in Winter, in Summer Andrey is ready to guide you in Kamchatka's beauty.
Our interpreter and guide
The girl who manages all the groups by phone, e-mail and keep all the informations safe.
Professional driver. Feel safe, if Andrey drives the 6-whell bus!
Alexandre Ulybyshev
Principal guide and great explorer, Kamchatka no anymore keeps secrets from him. With his riche experience, he will share all his knowledge with you and ensure your safety.
Alexandre Saulnier
Tailor-made travel creator. He is fluent in French, Russian, and English. Passionate about volcanoes and marine environments, he can also guide you during your trips.
Main driver, he perfectly manages the roads of Kamchatka. You will arrive to your destination safely and smoothly.