Recreation center
"Legends of the North"

Recreation center in Ganaly on the banks of the Bystraya River with panoramic mountain views

Recreation center
"Legends of the North"

Recreation center in Ganaly on the banks of the Bystraya River with panoramic mountain views

There are 3 houses for living at your service. The base can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time. Accommodation - by type of hostel. Each house has a toilet. Outdoor showers are at your disposal in summer. A wood-burning sauna is open all year round.

We give each guest a set of bed linen and a towel.

Meals for guests are organized in a separate dining room, there is also karaoke and TV, as well as a communication center — Wi-Fi.

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How to find us?
Call 8-914-997-5518, and our manager will explain in detail how to get to the recreation center. It is located at 145 km. Milkovskaya highway on the bank of the Bystrica River.

The base has:
an observation deck on the Bystrica River
, a wood-burning sauna with a spacious recreation room,
a dining room,
a barbecue,
a fire pit,
a hut on stilts with a bed of hay.

It offers three guest houses, accommodation in which we offer according to the type of hostel.

In winter, you can admire the swans that live nearby on the river, ride a snowmobile through the winter forest, explore the night starry sky.
We also offer ski tours in the surrounding area: Ganalsky ridge, Sredinny ridge. We also conduct tours to the Ganalian Vostryaks.
In summer, we offer rafting, fishing, and bear watching.
In the summer, we have berry bushes with Kamchatka wild berries near our houses: blueberries, shiksha, honeysuckle.
To the attention of partners and independent travelers!
Our recreation center is conveniently located between the village of Milkovo and the village of Malki. We offer you accommodation at the base as a "transshipment point" on the way from the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes (Tolbachik, Sheveluch), as well as as accommodation immediately after arrival in Kamchatka. Our team will try to create the most comfortable environment and coziness for you.
Call 8-914-997-5518, we will discuss different options and choose the one that suits you.
WI-Fi is available in the dining room. From there you can communicate with the outside world. Telephone communication works at some sites on the territory.
We organize meals in the dining room. Boiling water and everything for tea, coffee, as well as sweets are always available here.
Each house has a sink for washing and a toilet. The shower stalls are open in the summer outside. The sauna is open by reservation at any time of the year
The camp is equipped with a generator and solar panels to provide electricity. Each house has outlets for recharging your devices.
Quiet dream
The base is located away from the noise of the city and the road, it is surrounded by a dense forest. You will undoubtedly have a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Green forest and berry fields
There are berry fields on the territory of the base: cranberries, shiksha, blueberries, honeysuckle grow here. Different vegetation gives a wonderful forest fragrance, and the landscapes around will not leave anyone indifferent!

Entertainment at the base:

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