Sea cruise on Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island (6 hours)

Sea cruise on Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island (6 hours)

Starichkov Island is located in the southern part of Avacha Bay and is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The total area of the island is only about 0.5 sq. km. The north-western part of it is raised about 150 m above sea level, and the flat top descends to the ocean with steep slopes and cliffs. Starichkov Island has been declared a natural monument to preserve bird markets and create conditions for peaceful nesting and breeding of marine colonial birds.
Travel season:
May - October
6 hours
Group size:
6 - 20 persons
Tour price:
100 USD per pax

The program of the tour to fr. Oldies:

8:40 Gathering of the group in the designated place. Boarding the boat.

9:00 Boat trip to the sea in the direction of O. Oldies past the island of Babushkin Kamen, Cape Stanitsky, rocks "Three brothers", "Devil's finger", Zavoiko peninsula, etc.

11:00 Exit from the "gate" to the water area of Avacha Bay. Bypass fr.Starichkov. Observation of marine mammals* and bird markets.

44 breeding colonies of 11 species of marine colonial birds have been registered on the island of Starichkov, of which the red-faced cormorant, the spectacled chistik, and the old man, after whom the island was named at the beginning of the XVIII century, are rare species of Kamchatka coasts. Starichkov Island is surrounded by numerous coastal reefs and rocks exposed at low tide. In the sea near its shores, there are picturesque kekurs (a chain of small islands) Karaulny and Chasovoy. On the coastal reefs around the island, there are rookeries of larga and the island seal antura. Orcas and sea lions can sometimes be found in the surrounding waters.

12:00 On the way back, stop in one of the bays for fishing lasting about 40 minutes. Hot lunch on board (ear).

15:00 The end of the walk. Return to the port.

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