May – October
Boat trip to Russian Bay with a tour of the sea lion rookery (9-10 hours)
May – October
Boat trip to Russian Bay with a tour of the sea lion rookery (9-10 hours)
At the entrance to Russian Bay, on Cape Kekurny, there are rookeries of sea lions – there are about a hundred of them here. Huge males (cleavers) lie surrounded by their numerous harem of females. The shores of the bay are inhabited by many birds: cormorants, hatchets, puffins, stables, ducks, various gulls and other birds circling in the air from dawn to dusk, alternately diving for prey in the fish-rich waters.
Travel season:
May - October
9 - 10 hours
Group size:
6 - 20 persons
Tour price:
150 USD per pax
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By the way, the most popular tours are Avacha Bay cruise, Starichkov Island cruise, Russkaya Bay cruise.
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The program of the tour to the Russian Bay with an inspection of the sea lion rookery:

7:40 In order to catch the still sleeping nature of the ocean with its numerous marine animals, going to sea is carried out in the early morning. Gathering of the group in the designated place. Boarding the boat.

8:00 Going to sea, following the Russian Bay past the rocks "Three brothers", "Devil's finger", Zavoiko Peninsula, etc. Observation of marine mammals* and bird markets along with the boat.

12:00 Arrival in Russian Bay. Observation of the sea lion rookery. Free time. Lunch.
During a stop in a quiet bay, every guest of the boat who wants to go fishing will be able to understand what fishing is so famous for in the area of b. Russian: flounder, perch, navaga, lenka, halibut, cod, bullhead are caught here. Onboard the boat, tourists are offered a delicious lunch of fresh fish soup and snacks.
On the way back, the boat passes by the monument of nature fr. Old men, famous for their bird markets.

18:00 Return to the port. The end of the walk.

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