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Winter holidays on Kamchatka tour
(7 days\6 nights)

Kamchatka is one of the most beautiful places on the earth, the amazing peninsula in the Russian Far East. We offer you to enjoy pure winter, snowmobiling, dog sledding, bathing in hot springs.

USD 1 500
Tour dates: November 2020 - April 2021
Number of guests: 8 - 14

Program of the tour:
Day 1
— Arrival.
Day 2 – Snowmobiling tour to Avachinsky Volcano
Day 3 – The ethnic program in the Kamchatka sled dog kennel with visiting the "Ozerki" hot springs.
Day 4, 5 – Morozko tour
Day 6 – Avacha Bay sea cruise
Day 7 – Departure.

Morozko tour
(2 days/1 night)

Two-days tour with overnight in Ganaly forest lodge, Russian banya, thermal hot springs and snowmobile excursion.

USD 340
Tour dates: November 2020- April 2021
Number of guests: 8 - 14

Do you want to go far away from a city? To have a rest, to breeze fresh frosty air in a winter forest? There is a Russian fairy tale Morozko, and we offer you to go with us to a place like this.
There will be a river with swans living on it, near the forest lodge we going to. We offer yo accommodation four people in one house, in each toilet, shower. We prepared a ski track and skis, delicious food, Russian Banya (sauna), snowmobile excursion with a picnic. Our guide will tell you interesting facts about indigenous people who lived here.
February 23 Men's day helicopter excursion
Duration: Flight around Goreliy and Mutnovskiy volcanoes / Ksudach caldera / Khodutka hot springs

DATE: February 23rd 2021
USD 510
Duration 4-4,5 hours

Ski-touring in Ganaly

This 8-day tour will take us deep into the spectacular backcountry of one of the most beautiful mountain Kamchatka - in the Ganaly Range. Maximum height of the Range is 2277 m.

USD 1990
Period: February 2021- April 2021
Number of guests: 6 - 10
Program of the tour:
Day 1
— Arrival. transfer to the Mountain inn, Check-in
Day 2 – Avalanche instruction, ski-tour
Day 3,4,5,6 – Ski-touring
Day 7 – Bathing in hot springs, transfer to the city, excursion
Day 8 – Souvenir shop, Departure.

One-day tours winter collection from Red Rivers Company
2021-2021 season
DECEMBER 2020 - APRIL 2021
You will know many interstingfacts about the city, visit Sea lions city roockery and Petropavlovsk points of view.